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Robin x Barney AU: Inspired by youareoshawott’s fan-fiction

Sebastian de Poitiers, Master of Horse and Hunt, ladies and gentlemen.

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You found a way to hurt me.


Grieving Beverly Katz.


Since the last of season two, Fitz has been committed to trying to get back to the truth and living in reality in terms of his relationship with Mellie, trying to get straight with Olivia and trying to run a clean election, which has blown up in his face. Now he’s found out Mellie was carrying on with Andrew this entire time and was using him as a tool for her ambitions. Fitz’s goal is to get through the election and try and hold his family together in an honest way. It doesn’t diminish his feelings for Olivia or his intentions to marry Olivia and move forward with her. But there’s been a permanent wound opened up even further between Mellie and Fitz.

There’s nothing conclusive about Jerry’s paternity. Fitz doesn’t know what happened to Mellie. She had the opportunity to tell him all those years ago and she missed it. She made a choice, she made a deal with the devil to essentially sacrifice herself and use the truth and Big Jerry as a tool to support Fitz. That’s the tragedy of it. People can be justifiably angry with Fitz for coming down on Mellie, though as the actor playing, I identify with Fitz’s perspective. The evidence that Fitz has is that Mellie was a political marriage and she used him. One of the weapons Mellie constantly used against Fitz was not only the guilt but she withheld any physical contact with him for 10 years. As soon as she was pregnant with a son, they didn’t have sex for 10 years. I mean, they clearly had sex once or twice because Karen and Teddy came around, but she wouldn’t let him touch her. What impact does that have on a marriage? That’s pretty extreme. But Mellie made a decision, so for her to tell him now is just a very difficult thing for her. You’ll have to see if that comes out.

Olivia is [Fitz’s] No. 1 advocate when it comes to maintaining that façade and enforcing it; she’s the one who hands Mellie the baby in that final blow before the family interview. I don’t know how he’ll balance it but rest assured, Fitz is never going to give up on Olivia. Olivia is always — much to Fitz’s frustration — the person that closes the walls up so the job is never going to be easy.

I’m [Fitz’s] advocate. I think it’s really interesting that people reacted so violently against him; I didn’t actually anticipate that because I’m paid to take his point of view. But [showrunner] Shonda Rhimes likes to push these things to the extreme and test those waters of how much the audience can take before she flips it back on you. It’ll be interesting to see if Fitz becomes utterly irredeemable in the audience’s eyes. I’ll always fight to make Fitz human and real but I don’t really have an interest in how much people like or dislike Fitz. It’s nice when people are like, “Oh we love Fitz, what a great guy!” But let’s be honest, he’s murdered a Supreme Court justice and he’s been a terrible and negligent father. I think Fitz is a guy who, at the end of the day, is desperately trying to find his way back toward the light. From his perspective, the circumstances of his life — that in many ways has been forced upon him — are conspiring against him. He sees himself as the guy who built that house for Olivia and wants to help people and be a great man. He’s just been failing at that miserably, sometimes honestly through no fault of his own.


Tony Goldwyn [x]

I love that Tony always gets it.

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